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Meet Dr. Dominic Gaziano

Dr. Gaziano is a general internal medicine physician. He has a down-to-earth approach to patient care. Dr Gaziano believes that by understanding the stresses that affect you directly, he can help you become healthy and happy. Ask about his telemedicine consultations.


**We accept most all insurances, double check with our office, outside insurance databases may be incorrect and we are enrolling in new insurance products all the time** Ask about our new telemedicine consultation services.

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Welcome to Body & Mind Medical Center

Body and Mind Medical Center is located conveniently next to the elevators on the first floor of St. Mary’s Professional Building. Just east on Division are the colorful restaurants, coffee shops and apparel stores in the trendy Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.

We now offer telemedicine, so you can visit Dr. Gaziano virtually. Call the office to inquire about this innovative program.

If labs are needed, these tests can be obtained right in the office by our experienced on site phlebotomist. Our friendly staff helps to navigate you through the sometimes challenging specality referrals and other medical services

  • Adult Primary Care
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Creating Your Health Community
  • Dermatology Care
  • Holistic Care
  • Hospital Consultant
  • Integrative Medical Care

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Areas of Practice

Dr. Gaziano has a broad area of expertise in adult primary care. He’s an expert on wellness, having given seminars and lectures to community group or corporate entities on recognizing and treating their own stress.

He is experienced in wellness, employee physicals and evaluating patients with dermatological conditions. Dr G is active in taking care of hospital patients with chronic conditions as well as patients in rehabilitation centers.

Dominic Gaziano, M.D.

22 years experience

Whether you have office or hospital needs, let me help demystify the healthcare system and empower your self healthcare.